Piano Lessons

Below you’ll find some clips of piano lessons I’ve taught. Please take a look, and either contact me for more information, or schedule a free trial lesson.

The approach for teaching piano varies with the age of the student. I usually make a recommendation for you in terms of books or other materials, but I am flexible in that regard, particularly if you have a preferred method or have already been taking lessons elsewhere. I started taking piano at the age of four and it has been my major performance instrument throughout my career. Even though the majority of my students have been at the elementary level, I feel very comfortable working with any age. I have started piano students as young as age four if they are ready. The youngest students may need a little more parental assistance with their lesson and practicing. Learning to play the piano provides an excellent foundation for music learning, no matter what the student does in later years. You will need to have a piano or electronic keyboard in your home in order to take these online lessons. The camera on your device should be at a position and angle that allows me to see the keyboard and the student’s hands.