I was a student of Darrell McCune a “few” years ago. My son also took lessons from him as he was growing and learning to play guitar. Mr. McCune has dedicated his life to music education and is one of the best! I can’t recommend McCune Music Studio enough!

Tanya Wilson Turner

Darrell McCune is one of the most talented people I know. I have been singing with him for as long as I can remember and he has always been an amazing teacher and mentor who provided me with a great amount of experience, practice, and awesome opportunities!

Katie Frank

Darrell has been a fantastic music instructor for me. I have several fond memories of choir practice and musical practice at church. He is patient, kind and articulate. He was able to teach me so much about reading music while also making it fun. I owe a lot of my musical capabilities to Darrell’s teaching. To this day, every time I see Darrell, he stops to say hello and have a chat. I loved having him teach me as a child, and it’s wonderful watching my sister’s musical growth while she’s taking lessons from him. I highly recommend him!

Sydney Normile

I was able to learn a lot from Darrell McCune throughout my experiences with him during practices for choir and musicals. He has been very helpful in developing my vocal and performance skills as a whole. I think he is a wonderful teacher and anyone would benefit from taking lessons with him!

Lauren Frank

Mr. McCune taught me both piano and vocal lessons for over six years. He was a phenomenal teacher who was both patient and kind. He did a great job of encouraging me and teaching me about the world of music. I continue to use what he taught me to this day! I highly recommend using Mr. McCune if you have the opportunity.

Madison Blevins

Darrell is a fantastic musician! He knows a lot about music, and I have learned so much from him over the years. His dedication and attention to detail has helped me become a better singer and a better musician in general.

Lindsay Frank

Mr. McCune was my piano teacher when I was in high school. I had been playing piano since early childhood, and had had several piano teachers before him. However, none of them encouraged my creativity and independence like Mr McCune. Some of them had discouraged me from trying to play by ear, but he allowed me to use my natural talents to learn new skills rather than stifle them. He had a way of allowing me to explore my own interests in music while guiding me to use correct methods and technique. I’ll always remember, and often repeat, that he once told me “practice makes permanent, not perfect.” I always looked forward to his lessons and the feedback and direction he would give. As a relatively reserved teenage girl he made me feel confident and capable, and excited to learn! I only wish I had applied myself even more, and that I understood the valuable guidance that I was receiving at the time!

Grace Duda Hawks

When I reflect on my childhood, one of my many positive experiences includes the 14 years I took piano lessons from Darrell McCune. Not only was he my teacher but I consider him a mentor in my youth helping me become the adult I am today. Besides the countless songs he assigned me, or I brought to him wanting to try, the continued music theory instruction helped me to memorize chord structures that now come to me without even thinking about it. I would highly recommend Darrell to any parent wanting his or her child to learn how to play piano or to improve on their existing talent. 

Eric Bushman

I took private and group lessons with Darrell from ages 6-15. While I haven’t formally studied piano since college, playing continues to be a huge part of my life well into my 20s. Piano is a skill you can continue to develop throughout your life, and who doesn’t like showing off for friends every now and then? Whether you are considering learning piano as fun way to unwind, or have aspirations to perform, lessons with Darrell is an excellent place to start.

Patrick Deegan

Mr. McCune was my music teacher from 1st grade until sophomore year in college. He taught me piano most of those years along with clarinet, saxophone and oboe. He also gave me voice lessons. He is so patient and truly cares about the success of his students.

Sarah Bradley