Our students and staff were blessed to have Mr. McCune as our music teacher in my eight years as building principal at Appanoose Elementary. Mr. McCune really put his heart and his life example into working with his students to cultivate a knowledge and love of music. He gave them the gift of time to practice and perform, which built confidence. Mr. McCune can think outside the box, which allowed problem solving opportunities for students to gain thought processes that will serve them for years to come. Mr. McCune was involved in leading talent shows performed by students and staff, music concerts both vocal and instrumental school wide, teaching enrichment classes to encourage higher level thinking on multiple subjects, and he teamed with staff in problem solving activities for school wide improvement. While doing all this, he maintained an active membership in vocal music in the Kansas City area. I would encourage all that are able to study music with Mr. McCune to know this is a great opportunity. Mr. McCune has earned respect and long rewarded experience working with children and adults for the love of music and learning itself.

Cathy Brunet Jones

Mr. McCune was my piano teacher from 1st to 9th grade and was also my elementary music and band teacher. He is incredibly patient with his students and works so well with you to make sure you are getting the most out of your lessons. He is great with people of all ages and always helped teach me whatever I wanted to learn as I got older and more advanced. I loved attending lessons and definitely miss getting to learn from him. He is an excellent teacher no matter what instrument you are wanting to learn!

Morgan Woodbury

I was Darrell’s piano student for almost 10 years. We also went to the same church where I was in many of his choirs and musicals. I cannot recommend him enough as a teacher and mentor! Darrell catered to my learning style as a piano student. I learned best by ear, therefore he knew if he played something for me, I had a better understanding of how the music sounded. He also valued the importance and ability to read music, therefore he would challenge my weaknesses as well as encourage my strengths. Along side that, he also appreciates the details of rhythm, dynamics, and overall musicianship. He truly knows all areas of music and builds a foundation for you to grow as a musician! I truly appreciated all he taught me over the years as a musician. Anyone would be lucky to have him as a teacher!

Anna Deegan

Mr. McCune taught me piano from second grade through high school. He gave me a great musical foundation, which allowed me to accompany my high school choir, perform at State Solo Festival my junior and senior year, and audition for college piano degree programs and scholarships. Mr. McCune was always patient and understanding – knowing when to challenge me, understood when other activities conflicted with piano, and always found music that I loved to play. He also included variety in lessons that included composing, music technology, and theory games. Without Mr. McCune’s encouragement and support, I would not have grown to love and appreciate music so much that it is now my career. Regardless of your or your child’s goals in taking music lessons, Mr. McCune is a great guide and mentor for those wanting to play and enjoy music at any level.

Erika Durman

Darrell is a very patient, focused and attentive teacher. He engages students in a way that holds their attention and cultivates discussion. Our son is always excited for his lessons.

Lynsey Sears

Music is Mr. McCune’s passion!  Darrell puts his heart and soul into helping students of all ages learn and appreciate the joy of music! He has developed strong, musical talents in the area of vocal and instrumental music while working for several years as our elementary school music instructor.  Our community and families have been blessed watching their child(ren) grow in knowledge and skill during each performance under his guidance.

Chris Robertson

It is my privilege to have been able to work for two years with Mr. McCune while I was the superintendent of the West Franklin School District. Mr. McCune is a talented and dedicated music educator who motivates his students to high levels of achievement in both band and vocal music.

Mr. McCune is patient and kind with his students. He is extremely knowledgeable of best music education practice. He has command of all the band instruments and vocal instruction. He himself is a talented musician and is passionate about his love of music. Mr. McCune is able to foster that love of music in his students.

I personally would be thrilled to have my grandchildren study with him. They would not only learn to play an instrument and sing, they would experience music and how music enriches our everyday lives.

Dr. Susan Myers

Mr. McCune is one of the greatest teachers I’ve ever known. He was my teacher and my mom’s teacher of music. He is the reason that I was in swing group and is the reason I was in choir. He was the reason that I was in my church choir. He made me love to sing and taught me how to play the piano. They just don’t make teachers like him anymore. If you’re looking for music lessons for your children or yourself there is no better teacher in the world. Thank you Mr. McCune for everything.

Brandy Hollman

Taking piano lessons was always on my bucket list. Thanks to Darrell, and his patience, humor, and easy-going ways of teaching, I thoroughly enjoyed my “adult” piano lessons! I would highly recommend him to anyone wanting to brush up on their skills, or start as a beginner.

Sally Crawford Fowler

Darrell is the Director of Music at the Ottawa First United Methodist Church where I served for three years.  I found him to be a dedicated musician who does amazing work with children and youth. He has the unique ability to instill confidence in his students as they advance from beginning musicians to more developed performers.

The Rev. Kathleen Whitmore