Our students and staff were blessed to have Mr. McCune as our music teacher in my eight years as building principal at Appanoose Elementary. Mr. McCune really put his heart and his life example into working with his students to cultivate a knowledge and love of music. He gave them the gift of time to practice and perform, which built confidence. Mr. McCune can think outside the box, which allowed problem solving opportunities for students to gain thought processes that will serve them for years to come. Mr. McCune was involved in leading talent shows performed by students and staff, music concerts both vocal and instrumental school wide, teaching enrichment classes to encourage higher level thinking on multiple subjects, and he teamed with staff in problem solving activities for school wide improvement. While doing all this, he maintained an active membership in vocal music in the Kansas City area. I would encourage all that are able to study music with Mr. McCune to know this is a great opportunity. Mr. McCune has earned respect and long rewarded experience working with children and adults for the love of music and learning itself.

― Cathy Brunet Jones