Mr. McCune was my music teacher when I was a child. When I saw the opportunity come up for my son to have the same teacher I had, I immediately signed him up. It has been a wonderful experience for my son to have the opportunity to have one-on-one attention and to have a teacher who truly cares about his students. He caters his instruction for him specifically.

Amanda Wittman

Having known Darrell McCune for 25 years, I can without hesitation recommend him as a music teacher for kids.  Not only has Darrell taught music in the public schools, he has also directed children’s choirs in churches over his long career.  He exhibits enthusiasm for music and for its performance, he shows respect for every child, and he demonstrates great patience when kids are “just being kids”.  From his vast experience teaching elementary through high school, he is able to recognize and develop musical talents in each student.  You can trust Darrell to bring out the best in your student’s musical abilities.

Kent Melcher (former pastor at Ottawa First United Methodist Church)

I have known Darrell McCune for close to 20 years, and as a fellow teacher in the building at Central Heights Elementary School for the first 10 of those years I got to know Darrell very well. While he taught elementary music and I taught 4th grade, I heard daily from my students about what Darrell was teaching in music class. Students loved him and were so excited to be in his classroom. He just has a real gift in teaching them and having great relationships with them. Both of my daughters who learned as students under Darrell would come home and sing songs that he taught them and talk about music in general and what they learned in class. Darrell is gifted in so many areas of music and education but also as just being a great human being who cares about students and has so much to share. This man has integrity, intelligence, and a great heart. Darrell would be a great teacher for any students and I would highly recommend him for any lesson.

Kendra Adcock

Ian has been taking Zoom lessons from Mr. McCune for some time now. The quality of the lessons is superb despite the fact they are not face to face. Ian loves his lessons and looks forward to them each week. He feels he is learning so much and enjoys Mr. McCune’s method.

Becci Shisler

I started taking piano lessons from Darrell when I was seven years old, and began vocal lessons just a few years later. I continued as his student until I graduated high school. If you’re looking for a music educator, I can’t recommend Darrell highly enough. Darrell has a wealth of musical knowledge that is unparalleled, but more importantly, he genuinely cares about his students’ success. It’s not enough for him to see you perform the music correctly, he wants you to truly understand what it is you’re rehearsing, why you’re rehearsing it the way he asks you to, and to thoroughly enjoy the process. “Practice makes permanent, not perfect,” so he’ll always work to make sure you’re learning proper technique to make your musical experience as enjoyable and gratifying as you could possibly hope for. He builds you up as both a musician and a person, a truly consummate teacher.

Shawn Deegan

Darrell McCune is one of those fortunate professionals who learned very early in his career that the thing that excited him most was to teach young people about music. That has been his lifelong calling. He is a consummate musician, who wants to improve his craft always. In college, he was a double major in piano performance and voice. Thereafter, he found that teaching others about music was, and remains, his “forte.”

Darrell joined the Barbershop Harmony Society, not only for the fun of it, but to learn even more about the science of producing musical sound. He became musical director of the Lawrence Barberhawks chapter, and an assistant director of the Heart Of America Chorus in Kansas City. He is also the musical director of the NoteWorthy Chorus at First United Methodist Church in Ottawa.

Darrell loves to teach music theory and to lead young people in performing music. His enthusiasm and talent have led many of his students to enjoy music and to perform it. Any student of music, whether vocal, piano, guitar, or other instrument, would be extremely lucky to have Darrell as a teacher. He does what he loves, and it shows.

Bob Green

Darrell was my private music teacher from ages 7 to 17. He is a phenomenal teacher, who is dedicated to his students’ growth. Not only does Darrell share his expertise for music with his students; he is also patient, caring, and passionate. He has impacted my life beyond music, and I would highly recommend him to students of all ages and skill levels.

Lucas Deegan

Darrell is the most dedicated and passionate music teacher I know. His creativity and enthusiasm were an inspiration to me in elementary school while learning to play the clarinet. His patience with children demonstrates years of experience. My daughter thoroughly enjoyed taking private piano lessons throughout her elementary years while I joined in as an adult learner. He is such a gifted musician and inspiring teacher for any age.

Rhonda Weatherbie-McClouth

Darrell is an amazing teacher of technique and vocal pedagogy through a variety of different music genres and styles.  He also emphasized sight-reading and rhythm-reading skills to create life-long musicianship.

Rachel Simmons

I had the pleasure of having Mr. McCune as a music teacher when I was young. He instilled in me a love of music, one that I still have today. He is patient and kind, and enthusiastic about teaching others the gift of music. Mr. McCune is a true blessing.

Dana Wiederholt-White