I started taking piano lessons from Darrell when I was seven years old, and began vocal lessons just a few years later. I continued as his student until I graduated high school. If you’re looking for a music educator, I can’t recommend Darrell highly enough. Darrell has a wealth of musical knowledge that is unparalleled, but more importantly, he genuinely cares about his students’ success. It’s not enough for him to see you perform the music correctly, he wants you to truly understand what it is you’re rehearsing, why you’re rehearsing it the way he asks you to, and to thoroughly enjoy the process. “Practice makes permanent, not perfect,” so he’ll always work to make sure you’re learning proper technique to make your musical experience as enjoyable and gratifying as you could possibly hope for. He builds you up as both a musician and a person, a truly consummate teacher.

― Shawn Deegan