I have known Darrell McCune for close to 20 years, and as a fellow teacher in the building at Central Heights Elementary School for the first 10 of those years I got to know Darrell very well. While he taught elementary music and I taught 4th grade, I heard daily from my students about what Darrell was teaching in music class. Students loved him and were so excited to be in his classroom. He just has a real gift in teaching them and having great relationships with them. Both of my daughters who learned as students under Darrell would come home and sing songs that he taught them and talk about music in general and what they learned in class. Darrell is gifted in so many areas of music and education but also as just being a great human being who cares about students and has so much to share. This man has integrity, intelligence, and a great heart. Darrell would be a great teacher for any students and I would highly recommend him for any lesson.

― Kendra Adcock