Darrell McCune is one of those fortunate professionals who learned very early in his career that the thing that excited him most was to teach young people about music. That has been his lifelong calling. He is a consummate musician, who wants to improve his craft always. In college, he was a double major in piano performance and voice. Thereafter, he found that teaching others about music was, and remains, his “forte.”

Darrell joined the Barbershop Harmony Society, not only for the fun of it, but to learn even more about the science of producing musical sound. He became musical director of the Lawrence Barberhawks chapter, and an assistant director of the Heart Of America Chorus in Kansas City. He is also the musical director of the NoteWorthy Chorus at First United Methodist Church in Ottawa.

Darrell loves to teach music theory and to lead young people in performing music. His enthusiasm and talent have led many of his students to enjoy music and to perform it. Any student of music, whether vocal, piano, guitar, or other instrument, would be extremely lucky to have Darrell as a teacher. He does what he loves, and it shows.

― Bob Green